HMC has expanded its program offerings to build upon existing AIFEC in-classroom instruction and allow music students to explore their instrumental skills in an ensemble setting.

Students wishing to apply their newly-developed musical skills can enrol in our 10-week JAM 101 program, which allows participants to explore a variety of instruments such as guitar, bass, percussion, ukulele and drums, all the while learning how to improvise and create music together. The AIFEC school programs and JAM 101 prepare students to “graduate” to the JAMBASSADOR Program.

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Following the successful launch of JAMBASSADORS in 2015, this new and unique performance-based program exposes students to the “ins and outs” of being in a band, with “hands-on” instructions and music industry insights from professional musicians.

Two additional JAMBASSADOR bands will be developed in 2016, along with the creation of a JAMBASSADOR Teen Band Program and the BEATS BY U! Program. The bands will meet, rehearse and perform “live” on the Gasworks stage, which has also been recently equipped with professional recording and sampling equipment.

This program takes a student-centric approach which allows the participants to determine the final outcome of their involvement; building teamwork, cooperation and task-management skills. The JAMBASSADOR program has a unique and authentic atmosphere that excites young musicians and instills a sense of pride in their achievements.