Board of Directors

The HMC Board members bring a range of skills, experience and diversity with backgrounds and contacts that differ but also complement those of all members of the organization. The Board operates under the premise that its primary role is one of oversight, leadership, direction, and policy setting. Through regular meetings and communications, the Board helps ensure effective organizational planning and sees that the organization’s resources are well managed.

Robert Miller, Chair/Secretary

Dr. Terry Miosi, Partner, Quality Assessors International | Vice Chair

Theodore M. Charuk, Charuk Law | Treasurer

Darcy Hepner, Mohawk College Music Professor | Director

Carl Joosse, Director Voortman Foundation | Director

Phil King, Chairman Emeritus OKD Marketing | Director

John Lewis, Ross & McBride LLP | Director

Celeste Licorish, Access Program Manager at McMaster University | Director

Paul Lloyd, President PasWord Group | Director

Judy Marsales, Judy Marsales Real Estate Ltd. | Director

Marie Phillips, IPC Wealth Manager | Board Advisor

Astrid Hepner, CEO & Founder