15 x 20

Help Us Keep Up the Tempo

Our New Goal – “15 x 20”

We are launching an ambitious, new fundraising campaign titled “15 by 20”, with the goal of raising $600,000. This will enable AIFEC to extend the program to hundreds more deserving children across 15 Hamilton schools by 2020.

How Your Support Helps:

  • Cost per school to run the program for a full 4-year cycle, including instruction, maintenance and replacement of instruments, production and admin: $120,000
  • Start-up costs to purchase additional instruments for 5 new schools: $100,000
  • Instruction costs per school for full program cycle of 4 years: $70,000 which provides 7640 instruction hours by professional teaching artists and musicians.

AIFEC programs help “to nurture the very roots” of the creative culture that is positively transforming Hamilton. With your support, AIFEC can continue to inspire and build self-esteem for Hamilton’s inner-city children; while raising their overall academic performance.

Please join us in reaching our “15 x 20” goal.

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