AIFEC Orchestra

Orchestra BoysThe AIFEC Orchestra offers our advanced students the opportunity to perform in an orchestra/concert band. Students should demonstrate a willingness to work hard, practice, and learn, and a desire to make great progress on their instrument. Attention to dynamics, reading sheet music, and listening to other players are all key learning outcomes for the orchestra.

The AIFEC Orchestra is provided free of charge to students age 9 to 13 with experience reading music. 


AIFEC Orchestra is not being held this term due to Covid-19. Please click here to inquire about future sessions.

Learning Goals

● Rehearse weekly and cooperate with other musicians

● Build technical proficiency on an instrument of choice

● Learn to follow a conductor and control dynamics

● Learn to respect and maintain primary instrument and all related gear

● Perform in real world environments as part of the orchestra

● Have fun!