Beats By U!

Unleash Your Inner Producer!

Beats by U! teaches the ins and outs of electronic music production and performance!

HMC proudly presents a┬ácourse guiding aspiring artists to channel their creative energy into electronic music production and performance. This program is unlike any other available – Our instructors mentor teens in the art of creating and performing electronic music using laptops and midi keyboards. Young producers will start from scratch, learning to utilize loops, samples, drum pads, synthesizers, and digital effects to create music. Above all, students will learn how to create their own unique sounds and perform a composition of electronic music so that they may continue to explore their own artistic journey after the course has finished.

This program is open to youth ages 12-17. No experience necessary.

This program is being launched in a virtual format starting April 2021. Click here for more information.

Learning Goals

  • Understanding of what is music production, electronic music performance, and live looping.
  • Understanding of song structure and arrangement.
  • Understanding of elements of an electronic based song including synthesizers, percussion, samples, and vocals.
  • Navigating Ableton Live 9 in Session View, combining midi and audio editing.
  • Utilizing drum racks, operator and simpler in Ableton Live 9.
  • Playing and recording drum patterns using midi controller pads and keyboard.
  • Playing and recording song elements such as lead melody, chords, and basslines using digital midi instruments.
  • Slicing, manipulating, looping, and playing samples using midi controller pads and keyboard.
  • Tweaking and designing sounds using ADSR, tone, filters, and velocity settings.
  • Enhancing sounds using plug ins including reverb, delay, and chorus.
  • Applying basic theory including triads, major and minor scales to songwriting.