Beats by U!


Relaunching in 2019. Details to follow.

Unleash Your Inner DJ!

Beats by U! teaches the ins and outs of digital music production and performance through a series of lessons designed to help you master the steps involved in creating your own original music.


This new program opens the doors to musical exploration for youth, providing participants with the tools to express themselves creatively, be adventurous with technology, and build confidence. The course is designed for participants who show a dedication towards cultivating their existing musical talents or perhaps exploring music for the first time through non-traditional avenues. Participants will use their own personalized laptop work-station equipped with piano and drum pad Midi controllers connected to state-of-the-art music production software. Participants will learn about music history, culture, and theory from DJing to production, sampling to composition and will be inspired towards perfecting their craft.

Hamilton Music Collective will be offering this revamped program in Spring 2019. Subscribe to our newsletter to be informed when Beats By U! launches.


Learning Goals

  • Understanding of what is music production, electronic music performance, and live looping.
  • Understanding of song structure and arrangement.
  • Understanding of elements of an electronic based song including synthesizers, percussion, samples, and vocals.
  • Navigating Ableton Live 9 in Session View, combining midi and audio editing.
  • Utilizing drum racks, operator and simpler in Ableton Live 9.
  • Playing and recording drum patterns using midi controller pads and keyboard.
  • Playing and recording song elements such as lead melody, chords, and basslines using digital midi instruments.
  • Slicing, manipulating, looping, and playing samples using midi controller pads and keyboard.
  • Tweaking and designing sounds using ADSR, tone, filters, and velocity settings.
  • Enhancing sounds using plug ins including reverb, delay, and chorus.
  • Applying basic theory including triads, major and minor scales to songwriting.