Instrument Lessons at The Gasworks

Students playing guitar on stage with adult instructor

We are now offering group classes in guitar, piano, drums, and vocals for students who have graduated from the AIFEC program (grades 5 to 8). These classes are lead by one of our skilled instructors and expand on concepts and techniques developed in their AIFEC lessons. Classes take place weekly, in-person at The Gasworks. Students are provided with an instrument and are taught in groups of 4-6 students. Students who are not graduates from the AIFEC program are welcome to inquire and may be placed on a waiting list.

Click here to inquire about joining Guitar, Piano, Drum or Vocal Studio.

Open to: Grades 5 – 8 with at least two years of experience in guitar/ukulele, piano, or drums. Vocal studio is offered to all experience levels including beginners.

Cost: $100 per semester (3 semesters per year = less than $10/class) (Scholarships available for families in need)

Commitment: October – June

Advanced Programming Covid Safety Protocols

Learning Goals

  • Learn more advanced musical skills including sightreading, harmony, melody and rhythm
  • Develop a ‘musical ear’ and appreciation for different styles of music
  • Develop compassion, cooperation, and patience by working with others