Recording Arts / Live Sound 101

Two new programs for aspiring sound techs, producers, and audio engineers!

Expanding on the success of our Beats By U! beat making course, HMC is proud to present two new programs designed for teens interested in recording, editing, and mixing music in live and recording studio environments.

Recordings Arts 101

This one-semester program is open to students interested in learning to record their own music from start to finish. In weekly classes, students will work with an experienced music producer/engineer to learn the five stages of recording including pre-production, working with instruments and vocals, editing, mixing, and mastering. We will provide recording equipment including microphones, cables and interfaces, and teach students to operate a DAW such as Garageband, Pro Tools or Ableton Live. Students may record their own music/band or work with a guest. This course is open to anyone with an interest in recording music. Students will finish the semester with their own recording of a piece of music!

Learning Goals

  • Learn the steps of recording, from start to finish
  • Gain practical knowledge of setting up and running a recording session
  • Have hands-on experience with sound equipment
  • Learn to operate a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), including editing, mixing and mastering music
  • Gain understanding of how sound travels, how it is captured, and how it can be manipulated
  • Finish with a musical recording that you made yourself!

Live Sound 101

This one-semester program is open to students interested in the behind-the-scenes of running a live concert. Students work with an experienced audio engineer and gain hands-on experience in running live sound as part of a show. Students will learn how to use a professional sound board, how to use microphones on a variety of instruments, and set up a professional stage in a top-of-the-line music venue (The Gasworks). By the end of the semester, students will assist in running a live performance at The Gasworks.

Learning Goals

  • Gain practical knowledge of setting up and running sound in a performance space
  • Understand the basics of using a professional mixing board
  • Gain practical knowledge of microphone, mic’ing techniques

Students are encouraged to sign up for all three classes (Beats BY U!, Recording Arts 101, and Live Sound 101) for a more complete understanding of recorded sound. No experience necessary.

Advanced Programming Covid Safety Protocols

Click here to inquire about joining Recording Arts 101 or Live Sound 101 in 2022.

Open to: Ages 12 – 17 with an interest in live or recorded sound

Cost: $200 for both programs (20 weeks), or $100 for one program (10 weeks) (Scholarships available for families in need)


Recording Arts 101: January – March 2022.

Live Sound 101: March – June 2022.