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Learn to make beats, loops and tracks you’re proud to share.

Student working on Ableton Live with headphones on
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Modern electronic music sounds like magic…but it isn’t. It’s the result of a process that you can learn. Our courses teach you to make electronic music with slamming beats, dazzling chord progressions, catchy melodies and drops that will blow your friend’s minds.

The only thing you need is a love for electronic music — no previous training is required for our introductory course.

Inside our facility you’ll use a dedicated Mac workstation equipped with Ableton Live 11, the gold standard in electronic music production, and a MIDI keyboard controller. Then take home a Pocket Operator, a portable synthesizer/drum machine by legendary synth manufacturer Teenage Engineering, so you can keep making beats at home.

Open to: Ages 12 – 17 with an interest in electronic music.

Cost: $130 per semester (Scholarships available for families in need).

Start Date: Fall 2024

Click here to inquire about joining a class in fall 2024.

Three levels of instruction are provided by our team:

Level 1: Introduction To Electronic Music Production

Learn the basics of making electronic music from scratch in this hands-on course, where you’ll be making your own beats from Day 1.

  • Learn the basics of Ableton Live 11.
  • Build your own drum kits and start programming beats.
  • Create your own tracks using loops and virtual instruments.

Level 2: Advanced Beatmaking

Previous experience making electronic music with Ableton Live or other music production software is required.

Student working in Ableton Live with headphones on

Go beyond loop libraries and create original music in this course that focuses on modern styles like dub, hip-hop, trap and future bass.

  • Craft breakbeats, rhythms and syncopated grooves.
  • Learn to write your own original melodies, harmonies and bass lines.
  • Get creative with song structure in Ableton’s Arrangement View.
  • Enhance your sounds using effects like reverb, delay, and chorus.
  • Replicate some of your favourite beats with tools and advice from our instructors.

Students interested in Level 2 should be able to demonstrate:

  • Understanding of music production concepts such as mixing, using EQ’s and filters
  • Ability to make beats / program MIDI
  • Ability to choose and tweak patches and synthesizers
  • Experience creating melodies and bass lines
  • Experience combining loops and samples to create songs

Click here to inquire about joining a class in fall 2024.

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Beats By U!