Instrument Petting Zoo

The AIFEC Instrument Petting Zoo has established itself as one of the Hamilton Music Collective’s most popular outreach activities.

Children get to try out musical instruments under the guidance of local musicians. They get to play an acoustic bass, experience a variety of percussion instruments and learn how to create a sound on the trombone, flute, saxophone, trumpet, and clarinet.

Instrument Petting Zoo

Following is an excerpt from a local newspaper:

“If you were at Supercrawl in September and heard what sounded like an out-of-control orchestra tuning up, odds are you were passing by the ‘Instrument Petting Zoo’. The sounds you heard were budding young musicians sampling a range of orchestral instruments. The anticipation of children joyfully playing a musical instrument makes it worth spending time among the bleating of the saxophone, the mooing of the trombone, the growling of the bass and the beating of the drums!”

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