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Aura Lee with Garrett

Good Riddance (Picking Pattern) with Joel

Star Wars Theme (G Major Part 3) with Garrett

Somewhere Over the Rainbow (G Major Part 2) with Garrett

Playing the G Major Scale with Garrett

3 Tips for Better Sounding Chords with Garrett

Wipeout! (12 Bar Blues Melody) with Garrett

Hedwig’s Theme with Joel

Good Riddance by Green Day (Strumming, Part 2) with Joel

12 Bar Blues (Chords) with Garrett

Let’s Write a Song with Garrett!

Chord Box Battleship with Joel!

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Don’t Stop Believin’ (Riff) with Garrett

Don’t Stop Believin’ (Advanced Chords) with Garrett

Don’t Stop Believin’ (Easy Chords) with Garrett

Strumming, Part 1 with Joel

Smoke On The Water with Garrett

Tuning Your Guitar, Part 1 with Joel

Tuning Your Guitar, Part 2 with Joel

Holding Your Guitar and Warming Up with Garrett

The Card Game with Joel

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Guitar Lessons