Piano Lessons

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Whole and Half Steps with Steve

Contrary Motion (Advanced C Major Scale) with Steve

Playing Slurs with Gosia

C Major Scale with Steve

F Position and G Position with Marianna

Legato and Staccato with Gosia

Pentascales with Steve

C Position vs Middle C Position with Marianna

Play Flashcards –┬áTheory & Symbols with Gosia

Three Little Birds with Steve

Let’s Play the Mystery Song! with Gosia

Memorizing the Names of the Keys with Marianna

Sitting Properly with Marianna

Playing the C Chord with Annie

Writing and Playing Rhythms with Gosia

The Piano Tree, Part 2 with Steve

The Piano Tree with Steve

Playing in C Position with Gosia

Take a Tour of the Piano with Annie!

Black Key Jam with Treasa

Minecraft Theme and Baby Shark with Annie

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Piano Lessons