Samba Reggae Drum Ensemble

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Our Samba Reggae ensemble, referred to as a Batucada in Portuguese, brings together a group of drummers who blend their unique rhythms to create a harmonious groove while dancing in unison.

Our experienced instructor, Ben Culver, specializes in the style of Batucada from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, known as Samba Reggae. Participants in this course will delve into the art of ensemble drumming, mastering the ability to simultaneously dance and play, interpreting musical cues through hand signals, and immersing themselves in the rich language of Samba Reggae, both physically and mentally. No drumming experience necessary, and fun for all!

Open to: Ages 12 – 18, all experience levels.

Day & Time: Saturdays at 11:00am

Start Date: October 7 2023

Cost: $390 per year (Scholarships available for families in need)

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Learning Goals

  • Rehearse weekly in a drum circle format
  • Build technical proficiency on a variety of percussion
  • Learn hand signals and group dynamics,
  • Learn to groove and dance while performing!
  • Meet other students, make new friends, and have fun!
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Samba Reggae Drum Ensemble