String Ensemble

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Our string ensemble gives students the opportunity to work on classical repertoire with our skilled instructors in a fun, educational and engaging environment. In order to find the most suitable placement, our instructors set up a short presentation time; Students will be asked to play a piece of their choice. Depending on demand, the string ensemble is broken into trios and quartets based on age and skill level.

Why join a classical string ensemble?

Playing in an ensemble equips students with important skills such as collaboration, focus, respect, discipline and confidence. Being a part of a musical community such as this develops greater music sensitivity, creative thinking, builds social skills and character. Collaborating with others ignites passion for music and performance.

Open to: Ages 8 – 16 with 2 or more years of experience on violin, viola or cello.

Cost: $390 per year (Scholarships available for families in need)

Start Date: Fall 2024

Click here to inquire about joining string ensemble for fall 2024.

Learning Goals

  • Rehearse weekly in a formal classical ensemble
  • Build technical proficiency under the instruction of classically trained instructors
  • Learn to follow a conductor and control dynamics
  • Explore pieces in baroque, classical and romantic styles
  • Meet other students, make new friends, and have fun!
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String Ensemble