Violin Lessons

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Dynamics and How to Play them with Gosia

Double Stops with Gosia

Proper Bow Angle with Marianna

When the Bow Meets the String with Marianna

Your Checklist before Take Off with Marianna

Using Your Elbows (At the Playground) with Marianna

Bow Division with Gosia

Bow Lifts with Gosia

Using your Wrists (in the kitchen) with Marianna

Naming Notes on the Strings with Gosia

Bow Exercises with Gosia

Using the Left Hand, Part 2 with Marianna

Using the Left Hand, Part 1 with Marianna

Guess That Song #2 with Gosia

Playing Legato with 2, 4, and 8 notes with Gosia

Right Hand Flexibility with Marianna

String Crossing A – E with Gosia

String Crossing D – A with Gosia

Taking Care Of Your Violin and Bow with Marianna

Using A Shoulder Rest with Marianna

Guess That Song #1 with Gosia

How to Hold Your Violin with Gosia

Tuning Your Violin with Marianna

Warming Up with Gosia

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Violin Lessons