Audio Active

A multimedia art installation by the Hamilton Music Collective (HMC).

What is Audio Active?

Audio Active is an interactive music device at The Gasworks. Original music broadcasts through speakers, while a visual display responds to the music in real time. Four dials on the front allow anyone to remix the music live.

How Does It Work?

The device contains a Mac mini and monitor mounted vertically. The Mac runs the digital audio workstation Ableton Live which plays the music. The knobs are from a MIDI sound controller which is connected to the Mac via USB cable. The visuals were created by inventor and professor Dan Zen.

Who Made The Music?

All the pieces of music are original compositions from Beats By U students. Seven middle school and high school students created the music using Ableton Live. The songs utilize Follow Actions, allowing sections to progress either forwards or backwards, or in random orders. This means the music will sound slightly different every time. This also means some cycles through the music will be longer than others.

Who Created The Project?

Audio Active was conceptualized and developed by software engineer and music producer Adrian Duyzer, inventor and professor of interactive media at Sheridan College Dan Zen, Darryl Gold, and Beats By U instructor Garrett Lajoie.

Audio Active