Concert Archive

Winter 2024

  • Dave Young Quintet (Kevin Turcotte, John Johnson, Brian Dickinson, Davide Di Renzo)
  • “Getz/Gilberto” Revisited (Pat LaBarbera, Ted Quinlan, Brian Dickinson, Neil Swainson, Terry Clarke, Alyssa Giammaria)
  • Music from Buffalo: Tim Clarke Quintet Performs The Music of Horace Silver (Andy Weinzler, Harry Graser, Wayne Moose, Danny Hull)
  • Diana Panton Trio (Don Thompson, Reg Schwager)

Fall 2023

  • ES:MO (Elizabeth Shepherd, Michael Occhipinti, Felix Pastorius, Doan Pham)
  • “Kind of Blue” Revisited (Pat LaBarbera, Nick Morgan, Kevin Turcotte, Mark Eisenman, Dave Young, Terry Clarke)
  • Tony Monaco (Reg Schwager, Vito Rezza)
  • Darcy Hepner & Friends (Nancy Walker, Kieran Overs, Ted Warren, Ted Quinlan)

Summer 2023

Payadora Tango Ensemble

Winter 2023

Mandy Lagan singing with band

Fall 2022

Summer 2022

Spring 2022

Robi Botos playing piano, Mike Downes playing upright bass, Larnell Lewis playing drums on stage

Winter 2018

Gigi Marentette with trio on stage

Fall 2017

Hailee Rose sings into microphone next to Darcy Hepner playing saxophone

Fall 2016

Barbra Lica singing on stage in front of red curtain

Winter 2016

Fall 2015

Darcy Hepner Jazz Orchestra

Winter 2015

Andrea Marcelli playing drums

Fall 2014

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