PODCAST: Founder and Funder Creating Beautiful Music Together, with CEO Astrid Hepner and Board member Carl Joosse

Founder/CEO Astrid Hepner and board member Carl Joosse of the John and Ellie Charitable Voortman Foundation are guests on the Impact Conversations podcast this week. The two discuss the roots of the Hamilton Music Collective, founded on performance (for those of you who remember Jazz at the Corktown) and education (Jazz in the Hubs was one of the first initiatives by An Instrument For Every Child). They dive into the benefits of having The Gasworks as a venue, a co-working space and a community centre. They also discuss what lies ahead for the organizations.

Listen to the full episode below or visit their website.

For more information about the Impact Conversations podcast, visit www.socialimpactadvisors.ca/podcast

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