Ukulele Lessons

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The Hello Song Melody with Joel

The Lion Sleeps Tonight with Mark

Ode to Joy – Play along with Joel!

Let’s Write a Song with Garrett!

Chord Box Battleship with Joel!

Tuning By Ear, Part 2 (Reference Pitches) with Joel

Tuning By Ear, Part 1 with Joel

Old MacDonald with Mark

Au Clair De La Lune with Garrett

The Itsy Bitsy Spider with Joel

Frère Jacques with Garrett

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with Joel

The Hokey Pokey with Mark

Tuning With a Tuner (with Mark)

Yellow Submarine with Garrett

The Hello Song with Joel (How to Read Chords!)

Do Re Mi (The Major Scale) with Mark

Three Little Birds (Chords) with Mark

Three Little Birds (Melody) with Mark

The Card Game with Joel

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Ukulele Lessons